Android App Development Course

Become an expert in Android programming and development of mobile apps

About This Course

Android is the most popular mobile phone technology in use. It is an efficient operating system for mobile platforms empowering billions of devices with high end functionality. There is a huge demand for trained android developers and this demand will continue to rise with the new and innovative mobile applications being developed every day.
Lurningo Android app development course is designed to provide you with an excellent career opportunity to make an entry into this growing field. Through this course, you will gain a strong foundation of mobile app development which will in turn enhance your chance of being hired by employers.

Course Objective

  • To enable superior understanding of mobile app development and android programming
  • To provide adequate knowledge to build and publish an android app

Course Benefits

  • 2 lakh plus active jobs in the market for Android developers
  • Employers hiring Android developers every day in more numbers than any other professionals in the mobile technology
  • Learning on the go with Lurningo Mobile app
  • Video lectures by industry experts
  • Regular assessments and practice tests for individual evaluation
  • Industry recognized certification from Android

Who Should Enrol?

This course is ideal for every individual who is keen on establishing a career in mobile app development. However, the course is best suited for:

  • Aspiring app developers seeking to master app development and gain professional competence
  • Web developers looking for a career shift into the lucrative android app development
  • Aspirants and students willing to start their career in app development

Course Includes

  • Video Lectures: 66
  • Video Hours: 16
  • Practice Test: 9 Hours, Practice test at the end of every module
  • Course Valid for: 3 Months
  • Mobile App: Lurningo Android mobile app available for download in Google play


Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Activity life cycle
Module 3: Layouts
Module 4: Handling UI elements
Module 5: Menus
Module 6: List view & Styles
Module 7: Intents
Module 8: Fragment
Module 9: File Handling 
Module 10: Database
Module 11: Notifications
Module 12: Services
Module 13: Broadcast Receivers
Module 14: Webservices
Module 15: XML Parsing
Module 16: Threads
Module 17: Wifi
Module 18: Location & Google maps
Module 19: Social Media Integration(Facebook & Google+)
Module 20: Android Media Player
Module 21: Publish Android App on Google Playstore

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What are the pre-requisites for this course?

You need to know the basics of Java to take up this course. The Fundamentals of Java course provided (for free) along with this course will train you in Java essentials, giving you a strong foundation in professional android application development.

How will I get hands-on experience along with the course?

The Lurningo Android app development course will make you job ready and capable of working in actual industry work environment by giving you the best know-how of mobile app programming and development. You will be creating apps within the course curriculum and also learn how to upload or publish these apps into google play store.

What language is supported by Android for application development?

The main language supported is Java programming language. Java is the most popular language for app development, which makes it ideal even for new Android developers to quickly learn to create and deploy applications in the Android environment.

How will I get my Course Completion Certificate from Lurningo?

Your course completion certificate will be issued once you meet the below criteria: 
1. Completion of the eLearning course 
2. Submission of project as per course requirements
3. Successfully meeting the project evaluation criteria set by our experts     

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